Top 8 Makeup Tips For Wheatish Skin Tone You Need To Know About

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Are you amongst those women who are constantly on a hunt of finding the right makeup tips for your wheatish skin? I am sure it sort of is difficult because believe it or not, makeup differs with skin tones. There are many factors one needs to consider in case of skin type and its condition to own the right vanity box. Wish to grab all the attention? Our makeup tips for wheatish skin tone (Light brown shade) are the best ones to pile on. Try them now.

Wheatish skin tone makeup

Wheatish Skin — Photo credit

1. Water based foundation

When your skin tone is light brown, you have already scored the major brownie points. How? There are loads of makeup possibilities available for you. As far as foundation part goes, maintaining the skin tone is what you should aim at. Go for water based foundation if you have a wheatish skin tone. Cream based foundation will appear very greasy and cakey so its better to save your time and effort.

2. Foundation colour

Avoid using shades that are on a lighter side. For wheatish skin tone, you should opt for your exact match. Your skin tone is beautiful and to make it look more flawless, never miss out on this tip. This helps in balancing and will not make others feel that you have pigmented skin.

3. Powder

It is vital to choose the powder colour as well. Depending on the colour you choose of the foundation, you must see the colour of your powder as well. Even this needs to match so you can have a flawless touch to your skin tone.

4. Careful lip lining

Avoid using lip liners that have a darker shade. The problem with these shades is that they can give a false look and your makeup will look very artificial and I am sure you wouldn’t want that. Opt for shades like deep berry or mauve. You can also use light pink for your wheatish complexion.

5. Choose the right blush

This is a confusing process for most women. Opting for blush that’s too light will wash you out, but the ones that are dark will look unnatural. So what do you do in this case? Opt for shades like rosy pink shade. The best to go for is Maybelline Fit Me Blush. This will surely add that punch to your skin and highlight your cheekbones. In case your have warm undertones, go for peach blush shade that will enhance your skin tone well.

6. Nail polish

For wheatish skin tone, there are no restrictions as such when it comes to nail polish, but I am sure you are uncertain about the shades that will match up right. So you must opt for colours like purple or shiny bronze. You can also go for shades and tints of browns as all of these colours will suit your skin tone.

7. Best bronzer for wheatish skin tone

If your tone lies between olive and light, you sort of have a natural skin tone already. Beware of bronzers that can will make you look orangey like shimmer ones or too dark options. You must know that bronzer shade should be two darker shade of your skin tone, but you need to find the one that also matches your undertones

For medium skin tone with warmer shade, you can opt for golden brown colour and the best one available is NYX Matte Bronzer as this one will work best. Finding a bronzer for cool undertones can be tricky, but take a test patch first to check.

Later, you need a translucent powder that adds the right warmth to your skin. The natural radiance complexion of your skin needs to look enhanced and ¬†highlight your cheekbones. You can buy L’Oreal True Match Natural Mineral Finish Translucent Powder. You won’t believe the magic it has for your skin.

8. Eye shadow shades

For wheatish skin tone, shades like bronze or honey can work wonders. In this regards, you must try the Lancome Colour Design 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette. This is perfect for daytime look and it also offers smoldering appearance. If you wish to be on a quirky side, and you have cool undertones, opt for lavender or grey shades and tints. For warmer undertones, colours like copper and rich blues look amazing. You can also play up with liners and mascara, but try not to overdo it as it can fail the whole look as well.


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