Top 10 Yoga Poses For Back Pain

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Due to the modernized era, we are trapped in the world of electronics and various gadgets. Much of our work is done on computers and laptops and for that we have to sit for long hours. Back pain is the most commonly found problem in every youngster.

The reasons of the back pain are sitting on one position for many hours, wrong ways of sitting or sleeping and many more. Yoga is the most effective way to keep away all the physical disorders and problems. There are some of the Top 10 Yoga Poses For Back Pain which are as follows.

10 Fish Pose

We start off the list of Yoga Poses For Back Pain with Fish Pose. Perform this pose every day in the early morning. It is beneficial for your back, knees and buttocks. Matsyasana makes your muscles strong. It also relaxes your mind and improves respiratory system. Your muscles will get flexible and you can get an erect posture by regularly doing this pose.

This pose will help in strengthening the muscles of neck, abdomen and throat. You will feel active after doing this pose every day.

9 Bow Pose

You have to lie on the floor with face on the floor. Hold the ankles with your hands for some time and lift up your chest. In this way, your back will get good exercise, and this pose also strengthens your muscles and makes them more flexible. Bow pose is good for your spinal cord and it is also good for weight loss as well as hips.

8 Cat Pose

In act pose, you have to place your palms straight on the floor with knees touching the ground too. Then arch the back and hold the position for some minutes. This pose is good for your chronic back problems and also for spinal code. You will get an erect posture by doing pose regularly in the early morning or evening.

7 Plow Pose

The next on the list is a bit difficult pose but has numerous health benefits. In Plow pose, you have to bring the feet on the floor over the head with your hands down on the ground. It is a very good exercise for you back pain and helps to strengthen the muscles. Plow pose helps to make your spine in a good position.  It also reduces your belly fats and also keeps your hips fit.

6 Locust Pose

In this pose, you have to lie down on the ground stretching both of your arms in the back side and joining the palms. While doing this pose, you have to lift up both of your legs. And also lift your head up with chest area. Hold this position for some minutes. Locust pose gives a straight spinal code and quickly cures your back pain.

5 Triangle Pose

In this pose, you have to stand by keeping some distance between both of your legs. You have to rotate your right foot and extend the arms and touch the floor with right hand keeping the other hand above and making a triangular position. This pose has many benefits such as reducing the belly fats and strengthening the muscles. It also cures your severe back pain.

4 Camel Pose

Sitting like a camel actually gives you much relief from the chronic back pain.  It involves arching of the back which keeps your spinal cord in an erect position. This pose is also good for your arms, neck and legs. Perform this pose daily after waking up in the morning.

3 Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is very beneficial for your belly and strong shoulders. As it involves lying on the floor with a straight spine, it makes your spinal cord flexible. It removes stress and helps in toning buttocks and abdomen. Cobra pose grabs the 3rd spot in our list of Yoga Poses For Back Pain.

2 Downward Dog

Downward dog pose is good for your spinal cord as well as hips. It lifts up the whole body starting from head to toe along with shoulders and arms. It is very beneficial to cure your back problem.

1 Child’s Pose

Top 10 Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Child’s Pose — Photo credit

This pose is very lovely to perform. Just sit like a small kid with legs folded backward and stretching both your hands on the forward side by keeping the palms on the floor. It is a good pose for reducing the belly fats as well as curing the back pain. Child’s pose is the one of the best Yoga Poses For Back Pain.

Back pain is not a problem to be divided and so it is easier to cure it by yoga.

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