Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around the World

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The best way to forget all the worries and tension is to dedicate ourselves to the beautiful nature around us. We always choose to sit alone near the sea beaches, waterfalls and some other nature spots where we get some moments of freshness. The lush green trees, beautiful flowers, clouds touching mountains and the lakes melt our heart and we get a heavenly feel at these places. Lakes are one of the biggest sources of water on earth providing drinking water to many living beings.

They also supply water for many industrial and agricultural purposes. There are also many activities such as boating and fishing which have become popular in the past few decades. But do you know that there are some strange lakes in the world? Let us have a look on Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around the World.



10) Gafsa Lake, Tunisia

Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around the World

Gafsa Lake — Photo credit

On number 10, it is one of the strangest lakes of the world, Gafsa Lake. It is also known as “Mysterious Lake”. It appeared suddenly in the year 2014 near Om Laryes Road which is situated at a distance of 25 km from Gafsa town. The reason for the formation of this lake is a small earthquake which sent the water up to the surface.

The depth of this lake is between 59 to 65 feet. The color of this lake was turquoise blue which changed to slight green. Many visitors swim and dive here. The people staying near this lake often call the occurrence of Gafsa Lake as a miracle.

9) Jellyfish Lake

Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around the World

Jellyfish Lake — Photo credit

The next is a marine lake situated on Eil Malk islands, Palau. It is a lake containing innumerable jellyfishes of golden color. There is a connection of this lake with the ocean by Miocene reef. This lake originated before 12,000 years. Two kinds of jellyfish live in this lake, golden and Blue Moon jellyfish.

Many tourists come here for doing various activities such as snorkeling and boat riding. Scuba diving is prohibited due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide which proves to be a risk to divers.

8) Roopkund Lake, India

Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around the World

Roopkund Lake — Photo credit Wikipedia

India is the land with breathtaking nature spots, pure rivers and amazing greenery. Can you ever imagine a lake which has multitudinous human skeletons in it? RoopKund Lake has many human skeletons. The region around this lake is deserted and what you can find here are only snow glaciers and mountains covered with snow.

The researchers have given the conclusion about the reason of the skeletons in this lake. It is because of a major hailstorm which occurred somewhere in the 9th century. Rookund Lake is deep by 2 meters and people love trekking here.

7) Lake Resia

Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around the World

Lake Resia — Photo credit

Located at a distance of just 2 km from Reschen Pass, Lake Resia has some mysterious facts which you will love to hear. It is an artificial lake created by Montecatini Company by uniting two lakes which are Reschensee and Mittersee. Much of the land area including the homes and agricultural area were taken during the construction of this lake.

One of the churches stands amidst this lake which dates back to 14th century. During winter, the bells of the church often ring and the exact reason is still unknown.

6) Lake Nyos, Cameroon

Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around the World

Lake Nyos — Photo credit

The next is Lake Nyos which was formed from the volcanic eruption which took place before some 400 years. There are old lava flows and pyroclastic deposits around Lake Nyros even now. The presence of magma under this lake has been of a large percentage. It also consists of carbon dioxide in more percentage which was the main reason of one of the biggest natural disasters in the year 1986.

All of a sudden, million tons of CO2 was erupted form this lake which killed many people and also animals. Many protective measures are then taken to stop such natural disasters.

5) Dominica’s Boiling Lake

Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around the World

Dominica’s Boiling Lake — Photo credit

Well now, you will definitely picture a scene of a magical land where an evil witch does magic with fumes all over the place. Ok, so here it is about Dominica’s Boiling Lake which is one of the hottest lakes in the world. It is situated in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica. This lake has blue water which normally turns into vapor. This lake was created form the volcanic eruption.

4) Jal Mahal

Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around the World

Jal Mahal — Photo credit Wikipedia

Jal means water and Mahal is the palace. Jal Mahal is an elegant palace which was constructed by Maharaja Jal Singh II of Amber. You can actually see the culture of Royal Rajputs in the architectural work of this palace. It is made in the middle of the lake near the awesome location filled with medium sized green mountains.

Many additions were made in this palace after certain years of its construction. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions of India from last few years.

3) Lake Natron, Tanzania

Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around the World

Lake Natron — Photo credit

The next is Lake Natron which is a soda and salt lake situated in Arusha region of Tanzania. It is a shallow lake and the temperature can go above the 40 degree near this area. There is a continuous evaporation in this lake after which the sodium carbonate decahydrate and sodium sesquicarbonate dehydrate remain. There are numerous microorganisms which dwell in this lake. Even many species of plants are found here due to salt marshes.

2) Lost Lake

Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around the World

Lost Lake — Photo credit

A lake located near Mount Hood in Oregon, Lake Lost has 125 campsites. This lake is famous for its picturesque beauty and many tourists come here for boating and riding kayaks and canoes. Lost Lake is inhabited by countless marine animals such as rainbow trout, beaver, brook trout and many others. Do visit this lake for experiencing its beauty once!

1) Laguna Colorada

Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around the World

Laguna Colorada — Photo credit Flickr

The waters are normally blue in color but wait for a minute as they can also be red in color. Laguna Colorada is salt water situated in southwestern part of Bolivia. It has borax islands where white color converts into red due to the red sediments and some algae. The area has large number of James’s flamingos. It is just a wonderful scene of flamingos standing in vast red colored lake.

These lakes are the creation of nature which is still the matter of much research for scientists. No one can exact jump to a conclusion about these events which occurred many years before. The fact is that they are at last becoming the popular tourist attractions with unsolved mysteries.

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