Top 10 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World

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The earth has innumerable species of animals. Some of them are not dangerous while some of them can prove very dangerous to the human beings. Rabbits are so cute and playful. Many people keep rabbits as their pets due to their innocence and purity.

If you have a rabbit as your pet, you can spend your time with it and it spreads joy and happiness all around the house. A rabbit does not cause any harm to the humans or animals. We are surely unaware of the different breeds of the rabbits which exist in the world. Let’s see  Top 10 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World.

10 Mini Rex

Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World

Mini — Photo credit

Starting with one of the most popular American breeds of rabbit, Mini Rex is a very cute looking rabbit. This rabbit has a soft and silky coat and it has the weight of about 4 pounds. The fur of Mini Rex is very shiny. This rabbit has round shaped back with broad shoulders. These rabbits are different in colors such as black, castor, blue, Chinchilla and many others. Mini Rex is often used for various local and national shows and it is well trained for these shows.

9 Satin Angora

Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World

Satin Angora — Photo credit

One of the most distinct specialties of Satin Angora is the long furry coat which it has on its entire body. There are various colored groups of Satin Angora which have different eye color and coat. This breed was invented in the late 19th century in Canada.

The outer shell of this rabbit reflects the light which can change the colors of the coat. Satin Angora produces wool and it can be easily maintained. A regular combing is necessary to keep the coat of Satin Angora in good condition.

8 Lionhead Rabbit

Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World

Lionhead Rabbit — Photo credit

The next on the list of Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World is a tiny and adorable breed of rabbit, Lionhead Rabbit. It has a wool mane around its head. It has its body slightly grown in the upward direction. It weighs about 3.75 pounds. This rabbit has medium-sized legs and they have long ears. Lionhead rabbit is very smart and intelligent and can be easily raised. It is friendly in nature and behaves well with kids. This rabbit understands some of the commands of his master.

7 The Harlequin

Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World

The Harlequin — Photo credit Pinterest

The Harlequin has round shaped back and it has twin colored shade on its body. It has white and black color on its body. They have a playful nature and can understand the master’s commands well. This rabbit needs special care by all the family members. This breed of rabbit was earlier used for eating. It is a very entertaining breed of rabbit and good as a pet.

6 English Lop

Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World

English Lop — Photo credit Pinterest

English Lop is a breed of rabbit which has an unusual appearance. It is the first breed of lop rabbit in the world. It weighs around 11 pounds. English Lop has bid ears, short body and round shaped back. This breed of rabbit is very passive and love to go out with its masters for a walk in a park. It has a very bonding with the kids and proves to a great pet. It is one of the Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World.

5 The Havana

Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World

The Havana — Photo credit Wikipedia

The Havana is the breed of rabbit which is originally from the Netherlands. This breed has different colors such as lilac, chocolate, black, blue and broken. It weighs between 4 pounds and 6 pounds. It has a cute little face with tiny structure. It is calm in nature and can get quickly attached to any houses.

4 New Zealand White Rabbit

Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World

New Zealand White Rabbit — Photo credit

This breed of rabbits is trained for shows. It has large bodies with dense white fur which is its specialty. This rabbit has pink colored eyes. It is used widely in laboratories. Many people choose New Zealand white rabbit as a pet because of its calm and friendly nature.

3 Himalayan rabbits

Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World

Himalayan Rabbit — Photo credit

Himalayan rabbit is one of the oldest breeds of rabbit in the world. It has a medium sized body and it weighs about 2 to 4 pounds. This breed is raised in extremely cold climates and it has black colored ears. It has cylindrically shaped body which is its distinct characteristic. It has the cool temperament. Himalayan rabbit has an extra set of teats. It is one of the Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World.

2 Jersey Wooly Rabbit

Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World

Jersey Wooly Rabbit — Photo credit Youtube

The Jersey Wooly Rabbit has a large body. It has wool fur on its body. It is very gentle in nature and one of the best pets one can have. The weight of this breed of rabbit is between 2 to 3 pounds. It gets attached quickly to the kids.

1 Dutch Rabbit

Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World

Dutch Rabbit — Photo credit

Dutch Rabbit is on top of the list of Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World. It has two colored patterns on its body.  It is basically from the Netherlands. It has a small to the medium shaped body. It has a calm and friendly nature due to which it is often chosen as a pet by many people.

Rabbits keep peace in the environment and it has a lovely appearance and nature too. It does cause harm to humans in any way.


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