Top 10 Different Types Of Kisses

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A kiss is the most intimate gesture between two people who love and care for each other. It may be a simple loving gesture from parents/ relatives or a sensual touch between two people in a relationship. There are various kinds of kissing that include pouting and smooching. Here are given below Top 10 Different Types Of Kisses that are seen everywhere.

10) Single Lip Kiss

We start of our list of Top 10 Different Types Of Kisses with the single lip kiss which is where the mouth of one person closes in on just the top or bottom lip of the other person. It is cute, romantic and really sensual. Often done as a part of foreplay, it lets you know how much your partner is really into you.

9) Eskimo Kiss

Top 10 Different Types Of Kisses

Eskimo Kiss — Photo credit

An Eskimo kiss is a loose adaptation of the traditional Inuit greeting (kunik), which is done by pressing the tip of one’s nose against another. It has been adopted by western culture and is a common form of showing fondness, especially between family members and loved ones.

There is a common misconception that this practice came into existence so that Inuits could kiss without the lips freezing in Arctic climate.

8) Cheek Kiss

Top 10 Different Types Of Kisses

Cheek Kiss — Photo credit

A peck on the cheek can usually mean a greeting. There are 2 types of cheek kisses; cheek on cheek and lip-kiss on cheek. The former is mostly a sign of social gesture or good friendship.

However, depending on the intensity of the lip-kiss, it might hint romantic or even sexual interest. It usually signifies the first step towards physical intimacy between two.

7) Kiss on the Hand

Top 10 Different Types Of Kisses

Kiss on hand — Photo credit

A slight grasp on the fingers and a subtle kiss on the back of palm-a chivalrous act by any gentleman, even today, to show admiration to his lady-love. A true sign of respect, it is admired and loved by all women who want this from their partners.

It shows devotion and makes a woman feel extremely special. It has also been used by men as a sign of greeting an unfamiliar lady in Europe since the 17th century.

6) Forehead Kiss

Top 10 Different Types Of Kisses

Forehead Kiss — Photo credit

It is a symbol of early romance between two potential lovers. It may even signify a strong friendship or a parent-like-gesture. It shows emotional connection and more intimate than a kiss on the cheek.

The greatest catch?! It’s a perfectly non-sexual way of showing your affection to your partner, which comes real handy after a fight.

5) Butterfly Kiss

It is a special type of kiss where one moves their face close to their partner’s face and flutter the eyelids so rapidly that the other person feels like she/he is being kissed by a butterfly.

It is a way of surprising the partner and can mean either love or affection as it is not sexual, but can be extremely intimate. Pretty simple, cute and romantic too!

4) French Kiss

Also called deep kiss, it involves the lovers’ tongues extending to touch the other’s lips or tongue. It is the most erotic expression of sensuality. The technique is itself very difficult to master and involves a lot of reading body language.

But a good trick is to let the emotions take over and let those find a way into each other.

3) The Big Tease

A lingering kiss where a lover can explore the body of his/her partner, with the lips starting from the forehead and making all the way down. It is a unique part of foreplay where lovers get to be the most intimate.

It could be considered as a more erotic version of snuggling and is an instant turn-on for many couples. The Big Tease kiss grabs the 3rd spot in our list of Top 10 Different Types Of Kisses.

2) Kiss of an Angel

It is a gently subtle kiss planted on the eyelid and a very adoring gesture by a loved one. It signifies pure and caring love, often done by a mother to her child or spouse to his/her partner. It can also be done between two close friends, but of the gender.

1) Seductive Kiss

A different form of the French kiss, which demands less tongue and more passion! It involves delicate biting of the open mouth of partner and losing oneself in the heat of the moment. It is a very passionate expression of love and desire, with a tinge of lust in it. The seductive kiss tops our list of Top 10 Different Types Of Kisses.

We hereby see that a kiss can mean love, affection, respect, romance or even passion, depending on the vigour. Anyway, the act of kissing can only mean that a very deep bond, familial or romantic, is binding the participants together.


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