Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force

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When a dog runs behind a person, he runs very fast just to save himself from bite force. There are many animals on the earth that run so fast that the person or any other living being cannot save its life. The bite of some animals is not fatal while some are so dangerous that if the quick treatment is not provided, the person can even die.

Let’s have a glance on the Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force. They have sharp jaws and nails which can harm the person or any animal or bird severely.

10) Bengal Tiger- PSI: 1050

Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force

Bengal Tiger — Photo credit

Bengal Tigers are largely found in many parts of Asia such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh and many others. They feed on both small and large animals. Their food consists of sambar, nilgai, takin and many others.

They have the hunting way of attacking from back of animals. Bengal tigers have the weight of about 325 kg. They have long canines which can tear easily any animal.

9) Spotted/Striped Hyena- PSI: 1100

Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force

Striped Hyena — Photo credit

The next on the list is a member of Crocuta family, Spotted Hyena. It is found mostly in African regions. It is basically a carnivore and can consume even the hardest bones and thick animal skin also.

It feed on animal waste and parts of animals’ bodies. It runs very fast to attack on its prey with powerful force. Spotted hyenas run at a speed of 60km/h.

8) Polar Bear- PSI: 1235

Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force

Polar Bear — Photo credit

At number 8, it is animal of cold regions, Polar Bear. It is found mainly around the Arctic Circle and Arctic Ocean. It has large body with soft white fur all over the body. The weight of these bears is between 350 -700 kg. They hunt the animals for their food near the sea ice.

They have very aggressive nature and if provoked can attack even the humans. Polar bears are silent killers and often do not give any hint to its victims. It has a powerful sense of smell.

7) Grizzly Bear- PSI: 1250

Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force

Grizzly Bear — Photo credit

Grizzly Bear is brown in color and it is native to North America. These bears are omnivore and feed on various types of plant, algae and animals such as caribou, mule deer, bison, black bears and many other marine animals.

Grizzly bears also eat different fruits like blueberries and blackberries. They have sharp front claws. These bears have a heavy weight of about 360 kg and the height of about 8 ft. The Grizzly Bear grabs the 7th spot in our list of Animals With Strongest Bite Force.

6) Bull Shark: PSI: 1250

Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force

Bull Shark — Photo credit

The next on the list is Bull Shark, It is mostly found in warm waters. This shark has aggressive nature and has one of strongest bite forces. They feed mostly on small fishes and sharks. Bull sharks have tight hold over their prey and continue to bite till the animal dies.

These sharks hunt together. They normally choose muddy waters for hunting so that their victims cannot see the bull sharks attacking from the other side.

5) Silverback Gorilla- PSI: 1300

Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force

Silverback Gorilla — Photo credit

Silverback gorillas stay mostly on the ground and they are mainly found in the Saharan and other parts of Africa. They have weight of about 195 kg. They feed mainly on leaves, shoots, pith and fruits.

These gorillas travel even to the long distances for their food. Silverback gorillas have sharp nails and jaws to eat even the hardest material. They also eat termites and ants many a times.

4) Hippopotamus- PSI: 1821

Hippopotamus is a large bodied animal which is found mainly in Saharan regions and several parts of Africa. It is the largest animal dwelling on the land in the world. They can open their mouth very widely.

These animals have large tusks and heavy weight which can finish any animal or bird within fraction of seconds. It can run fast and has aggressive nature. It is considered as one of the Animals With Strongest Bite Force.

3) American alligators- PSI: 2125

Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force

American alligators — Photo credit

American alligators have one of the strongest bite forces in the world. They have the weight of about 600 kg. They can eat any large or small animals, birds and mammals. They wait for the perfect timing to catch their prey and attack in such a way that the animal cannot be escaped. They have very sharp and pointed teeth which can kill any animal or human in no time.

2) Nile crocodile-PSI: 5000

Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force

Nile crocodile — Photo credit

The next on the list is Nile crocodile. It has large body with sharp teeth and jaws. It can eat any large animals, reptiles or even birds with its powerful bite force. Nile crocodile have very powerful grip over their victims.

1) Saltwater crocodile- PSI: 7700

Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force

Saltwater crocodile — Photo credit

Saltwater crocodile is on number 1 of the Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force list. It can have the length of maximum 20 ft. also. It can swallow the whole of its prey and feeds mainly on sharks, marine fish, birds, mammals and many other animals. Saltwater crocodiles have the strongest bit force.

Beware of these animals if you are around them as they can take your life in some time.

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